Up and down

The third "TOURENFAHRER-Hotel-Tour" led a dozen readers from 3 to 5 July 2020 to the "Hotel Zur Post" in Klotten on the Moselle.

Finally the time had come! After the first "THT - TOURENFAHRER-Hotel-Tours" could not take place for known reasons and were postponed to next year, nothing stood in the way of the event on the Moselle. In spite of the initial reluctance to book, a respectable group of people finally came together. Little by little the huge garage of the "Hotel Zur Post" filled up with all kinds of motorbikes and the field of riders was also wide. From Rolf, who has only been riding a motorbike for two years, to "old hands" with 40 or even 50 years in the saddle, a wide range was covered.

"We don't even have a GS with us", Jürgen remarked at the first stop. "And everyone rides themselves," Bernd noticed. "And nobody wears a high visibility waistcoat." So the tour was something special for these reasons alone. In addition, the tour guide led the group with the smallest, weakest and oldest machine. But on these roads that was no problem at all. On the contrary: Hotel Special founder Rudolf nimbly waved through the hairpin bends on his 1983 Honda CL 250 S, while the thicker machines required a little more effort. The routes over the hills and vineyards on both sides of the Moselle valley are really something special and sometimes remind you of Alpine passes. Of course not so long and not so high, but in many places you can feel dizzy in the constant up and down. There is a straight stretch, for example on the Hunsrück heights, in between quite convenient. For relaxation, so to speak.

The two evenings at the hotel were also absolutely relaxed. Landlord Klaus Berens is not only a passionate motorbike rider, but also masters his second "hobby", his cuisine, at least as well. In any case, we were well catered for in terms of culinary delights and were able to enjoy not only a really ingenious day of riding but also two enjoyable evenings with new and old tour friends.

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