Ireland by rental motorcycle

The TF partner house "The View" in Ireland not only has great motorbike routes on its doorstep, but also various rental motorcycles in its garage.

The guest house "The View" is under German management and is located about 100 km south of Dublin. Four spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, lounge and living room are spread over 430 sqm of living space. The house is ideal for groups, but the rooms can also be booked individually. Restaurants, pubs and shops are nearby.

If the journey with your own motorcycle is too far for you or if you just want to spend a short holiday, you can rent one on site by arrangement. Cruisers from Harley-Davidson, Triumph and Indian as well as BMW F 700/800 GS are available. Clothes can also be rented and all motorcycles are equipped with navigation systems. Translated with

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