Hotel-Tour in the Upper Palatinate

The "Brauereigasthof Sperber-Bräu" in Sulzbach-Rosenberg was the meeting place of the fifth "TOURENFAHRER-Hotel-Tour" - "THT" for short. 30 readers found their away to the Upper Palatinate from 11th to 13th September and experienced a perfect motorbike weekend.

Well, where are they? Together with some of the participants who arrived a day earlier, we are eagerly targeting every motorcyclist who rolls through the historic centre of Sulzbach. Does he probably belong to us? Shall we put the welcome beer in the cooler again? But then, late in the afternoon, it suddenly goes one after the other. Within a short time the courtyard of the Sperber-Bräu fills up with motorbikes, the terrace with thirsty bikers. The first keg is quickly emptied.

As befits a brewery inn, the choice of barley juices is huge. Landlord and master brewer Christian presents the many varieties during the evening menu and serves the right brew for every course. The fact that the main course is roast pork with potato dumplings does not really need to be mentioned. After all, we are in the heart of Bavaria, and there the tradition still holds true. To be more precise, we are in the Upper Palatinate. For all those who confuse this with the Palatinate: The Upper Palatinate lies north of the Bavarian Forest, borders Lower Bavaria to the south, Franconia to the east and north, and the Czech Republic to the west.

There are tour possibilities in all directions and the traffic is almost zero, at least on the routes prepared by the Sperber team. This time there are no fast, normal and slow groups, which drive the same route with a time lag, but three completely different tours. On the one hand, this has the advantage that it is easier for small groups to find a place for their lunch break and everything goes faster. On the other hand, even for participants who already know the area, there is guaranteed to be something new.

Klaus and his team quickly head for the Fichtelgebirge mountains, Jimmy hums ahead in his BMW through the Altmühltal valley, and Christian gathers the somewhat more relaxed cultural group behind him. During a lunch stop in the small town of Bärnau, the "History Park" offers the opportunity to visit an archaeological open-air museum, in Windischeschenbach the Continental Deep Drilling (KTB) attracts our interest. This geoscientific research project drilled to a depth of no less than 9101 metres between 1987 and 1995 in order to gain knowledge about the earth's crust. And now the only low point of the day is behind us.

In the evening, the programme continues: Bernd, a former instructor for the motorbike police, gives tips on driving safety, Jimmy gives an entertaining lecture on the Upper Palatinate and finally Christian takes us to the Wunderweltseiner brewery - a great weekend that will remain in our memories for a long time.

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