Hot Hills

The fourth "TOURENFAHRER-Hotel-Tour" - "THT" - was attended by 41 readers from 7 to 9 August 2020, the route to Hallenberg-Braunshausen to "Haus Wiesengrund". Despite the Heat was not left out a single metre of the well-planned route. On the contrary...

Everyone was happy that the fourth "THT - TOURENFAHRER-Hotel-Tour" could take place and was so well booked. And now this! Well over 30 degrees were announced. Do we have to go there? Yes, we "must". Only two couples had cancelled because of the heat, the rest of the group was gradually arriving in Braunshausen. All sweaty, but in the best of moods. And that didn't change until the journey home on Sunday.

After some cold beer there was a very tasty buffet, prepared by hotel manager Dirk himself. This time, the groups were divided into categories such as "fast", "slow" or "cosy". All tour guides drove quickly within the framework of the applicable regulations, and that worked out perfectly. Even the group size of up to 14 motorbikes was no problem, because the route was planned in such a way that there were few turns on busy roads, and I can't even remember traffic lights. At this point I would like to thank the car drivers who often gave up their right of way in order not to separate our groups.

As it was not possible to find a suitable location for a lunch break on the way due to the size of the group, we had one morning and one afternoon round from the hotel. It was suspected that many would prefer to stay in the hotel or in the shady beer garden after the break. But far from it. Almost all of them were back at their machines after a short refreshment - joyfully ready for part two.

While the first tour of around 125 kilometres led through the Hochsauerland region, with a stopover in the forge café of the "Kunstschmiede Schütte" near Schmallenberg, the somewhat shorter second stage took us along beautiful little roads to the Edersee and back again through the hilly landscape with its many bends.

When the barbecue buffet in the beer garden was opened in the early evening, the third group was still missing. They were already beginning to worry. But even before the last steaks were put on the table, everyone came back in a good mood. They had enjoyed it so much on the way that they had persuaded their tour guide to extend it ...

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