Hosts on short holiday

After exactly one year the TOURENFAHRER-Hoteliers had a meeting again, this time in Bad Blankenburg, Thuringia.

Actually, it should have been the 44th TOURIST SPECIALIST MEETING already, but unfortunately the event in spring had to be cancelled. So it actually took a full year until the hosts of the TOURENFAHRER partner houses had come together again. Over the long period of time many friendships have developed, therefore these meetings have a very private character. Of course, business topics also come up on the table: What can we still improve? How do you do that? What are your experiences with this and that? It is clear that this time one topic dominated everything, but even the current situation could not spoil the good mood for anyone. It was a happy celebration as always, some booked an extra day.

This time the host was Lars Minner from the "Weinhaus Eberitzsch" in Bad Blankenburg. Together with his family he put his heart and soul into it. There were delicious Thuringian specialities, a comedy interlude by a professional entertainer and as a special surprise a brilliant laser show in the garden.

However, when the weather was ordered, a lot of things had gone wrong. Nevertheless, about half of the participants did not miss the chance to take the day trip by motorbike despite rain and single-digit temperatures. The cultural highlight was the visit of the Heinrichshütte in Wurzbach. Here the hotel professionals were given a first-hand insight into the old foundry trade. Europe's most powerful steam engine, which originally had its enormous 15,000 hp in the Maxhütte Unterwellenborn, could be admired in an outbuilding.

With a fraction of the power, the group chugged back in rain mode, only to plunge into the delicious barbecue buffet after an extensive hot shower. DJ Hendrik took over the musical direction and the tap didn't want to run dry until the early morning hours.

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