Golden end to the season

Directly after the Intermot, it was off to the Harz Mountains for the 46th specialists' meeting. In the best autumn weather, numerous TOURENFAHRER hoteliers ended this year's motorbike season at Fritz and Christian's "Hotel Sauerbrey" in Osterode-Lerbach.

Less than three weeks after the last THT (see TF 11/22) I was allowed to go to the Harz Mountains again. How nice - especially as the weather forecasts were most pleasing. And so most of the TF hosts came to the south-western edge of the Oberharz by motorbike. Friendships have long since developed and for the hard core it has already become a kind of "family reunion".

With a few exceptions, it was mainly the "old hands" who had gathered; TF Partnerhaus founder Rudolf Kuhl was also part of the party again, arriving with his aged "liquid manure pump". And so, as always, a wide range of motorbikes was represented. From the 125cc KTM to various BMWs and Harleys to the Goldwing - almost everything was there.

It was still quite chilly when we started the day's tour the next morning after the obligatory photo. I joined the group of host Fritz. He knows the area like the back of his hand, needs neither a sat nav nor a map and knows where the critical spots are, because some bends were still wet and it could have been slippery. He confidently guided his Bavarian six-cylinder through the bends and led our group quickly.

I still remembered some of the routes and places, such as the Rappbode Dam, the Bode Valley or the small town of Stolberg with its magnificent half-timbered houses. Most of the time we rode along beautiful, low-traffic side roads and stopped at some interesting points, e.g. in Torfhaus with an unobstructed view of the Brocken, the highest mountain in the Harz. Not a pretty sight, however, was the forest dieback, which is taking on depressing proportions, especially in the High Harz. Far more pleasing was the viewpoint of the Rosstrappe and the Hexentanzplatz.

We had lunch at the Klobenberg-Baude near Thale, and because the Grenzimbiss Hohegeiß was closed, we had afternoon coffee in the long car park in front of it. Hotel manager Christian had packed a few beer tables into the car and waited for us with coffee, cake and biscuits right at the former German-German border. Great service!

The following route towards Braunlage and on to the Sösetalsperre also deserves the rating "highly recommended". Everyone arrived safe and sound and satisfied at the hotel, where we rounded off the great day in the large ballroom with an extremely delicious evening buffet and live music.

As nice as it was, an autumn meeting unfortunately always means the end of the season. But with the right plans and enough anticipation in the luggage, the little bit of winter can be easily survived.

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