Anniversary offer at Sauerländer Hof

For 30 years, motorcyclists have been among the guests of Walter Saure, the biker host of Sauerländer Hof in Willingen.

To mark this anniversary, there is a special, attractive biker arrangement for three or four nights from April to November. As always, the focus is on having fun together on the most beautiful routes in the region and on interesting conversations in the restaurant or in the cylinder bar.

Sunday to Thursday or Monday to Friday
4 nights, 4x breakfast, 3x 4-course menu:
SR 252,00 €, DR as SR 292,00 €, DR p. pers. 232,00 €, App p. pers. 272,00 €; Extension day: SR 70,00 €, DR as SR 80,00 €, DR p. pers. 65,00 €, App p. pers. 75,00 €

Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday
3 nights, 3x breakfast, 3x 4-course menu:
SR 234,00 €, DR as SR 264,00 €, DR p. pers. 219,00 €, App p. pers. 249,00 €; Extension day: SR 78,00 €, DR as SR 88,00 €, DR p. pers. 73,00 €, App p. pers. 83,00 €

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